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Join the Journey of Phat Loots: The Hi-Rez Expo Starts Today

Jan 5 2017 - By Kai Boyd

From now through the end of the weekend, we’re taking you on a journey with free, phat loots across both SMITE and Paladins. From your Twitch Prime monthly benefit to a chance at loot drops while watching the championship showdowns this weekend.

Gods battling it out in the arena to crown the world’s victor. A first ever Invitational for one of the year’s hottest free-to-play games. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Hi-Rez Expo starts today with both the SMITE World Championship and the Paladins Invitational — and we’re bringing you one of our best viewing experiences yet. We have several steps in the journey each with its own unique loot, and you have the chance at rewards when watching throughout the whole championship weekend.

The first step, which comes with its own rewards, is linking your Twitch and Hi-Rez Accounts. This gets you the unique Twitch Ying weapon skin in Paladins, and a Cutesy Chest in SMITE. Read the FAQ if you want to double-check how it’s done.

For our second stop, you’ll have a chance at chests and gems for watching any piece of the Hi-Rez Expo this weekend on the Hireztv or Paladinsgame channels. What better way to make viewing its own game experience with loot drops? Who knows what those could total up to after the whole weekend…

Thirdly, it’s that time of the month again. Twitch Prime members get the Janus god and the Limited JT-6000 skin for SMITE — turning him into a Twitch Prime powered mega deity. Redeem it on Twitch in the left nav from now until Feb 5th, and Janus and his new outfit will be awaiting you in-game.

Lastly, Cheer for your favorite PC SMITE players for the first time on HiRezTV during the Hi-Rez Expo. Every Bit cheered goes directly to the players, and we’ll have a running leaderboard called the Twitch Fan Vote. Who will be the fan favorite? Gather up your community for the viewing party.

If that’s not a journey of phat loots, I don’t know what is. Shout out to Hi-Rez Studios for bringing you all the goodness during their biggest event of the year, and shout out to you for joining us on the journey!

For more information on each step:

  1. FAQ on Linking your Twitch and Hi-Rez Accounts

  2. Twitch Prime Details

  3. Cheering Details

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