Dec 15, 2016 - By Robin Fontaine

Big News for Cheering: Cheermotes and Cheers Across the Globe

Introducing Cheermotes!

First there were emotes, the language of choice in chat, the faces that make your friends lol, help you make your point, or add that extra sparkle of sarcasm. Then there was Cheering. And now, we’re putting the two together, letting you Cheer with sweet animated versions of popular Twitch emotes. Starting today you can Cheer with animated Kappa, Kreygasm, and Swiftrage, with more to come in the future.

To Cheer with Kreygasm, just type Kreygasm and the number of Bits you want to use, e.g. Kreygasm5000. An animated version of the Kreygasm emote will appear in chat. The higher the number of Bits, the cooler and more expressive the animation.

Check out these sweet Cheermotes:

Cheers Across the Globe!

Starting today, we are making Cheering available to Twitch channels worldwide, so all Twitch partners regardless of where they live can enable Cheering on their channels. If you’re a Twitch partner anywhere in the world, you can now opt into Cheering in the Partner Settings tab on your dashboard. We are actively working on local payment methods and currencies to support global audiences, but currently Bits can only be purchased via Amazon payments. That means only viewers who are able to purchase via Amazon can Cheer, and international transaction fees may apply in addition to the price of Bits.

We’re looking forward to seeing Cheering everywhere across the globe on Twitch!

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