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Steer your ship to success with the new streamer dashboard.

Dec 12 2016 - By Eric Barnett

Time for your streaming battlestation to get a serious upgrade. In our continued efforts to provide streamers all of the tools they need to achieve success on our platform, your streamer dashboard has been leveled up!

Not only are you able to see useful stats at a glance and change your stream information on the fly, but now you can customize your layout with our new modular panels. Running into performance issues? Diagnose your stream without leaving your page with Inspector V2 built right into the Stream Health module. Inspector’s new health checks will now look into your network connection, encoded frames, and more to detect instability on your stream. In addition to all these changes, you’ll also enjoy a more robust stats module to better educate yourself on the ins and outs of your broadcasts. You can also check out important Twitch notifications via the Announcements module so be sure to check it frequently.

The new features are live right now, so head over to your dashboard page to start playing with all the features! Let us know what you think below and go create some content!

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