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Twitch comes to

Nov 21 2016 - By Evan Freitas

Destiny fans, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you — you can now browse and watch Destiny streams through the Creations page on

Get hype, because you can find streams based on the exact in-game activity you want to watch, learn about a streamer’s gear, and contribute to the party — all while participating in chat just as you would on Twitch. Get even more hype, because you can get a special “Can’t Stop the Signal” emblem just for streaming your game.

See an excerpt from Bungie’s blog below, where companion designer John Stvan has details on the vision:

— — — —

Starting this week, you’ll find a place to browse streamers based on following, trending status, or preferred activities. If you only want to see Raiders or Strikers, you’ll be able to do that. Follow the leaders of the Twitch directory or discover rising stars.

While you’re watching your favorite streamer, you can contribute to the party in their Twitch Chat, or inspect their Guardian build. You’ll also find links to their channel, so you can support your favorite heroes.

With a click on an item they have equipped, we’ll show you their roll. This will let you analyze their fighting style and save them from answering recurring questions about their gear or their subclass, leaving them free to talk mad trash.

Here’s a peek at the emblem:

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