Oct 11, 2016 - By Kim Swift

Hearthstone Priest extravaganza — Week Two

The Hearthstone Priest spotlight got off to a great start last week with wonderful guests showing off Tyrande Whisperwind! If you don’t know about Tyrande Whisperwind, she’s the new High Priestess hero for Hearthstone that you can unlock by signing up for Twitch Prime. Last week, community favorite Hafu was paired with Chessdude, a talented competitive player, to compete in Last Call. They played a great set of Arena games in ‘Co-Op’ and got an amazing twelve wins. On Friday, TrumpSC and esports player Vlps went head to head in a Priest themed Conquest format, and rounded out their stream with a few rounds of Arena using Tyrande.

Which brings us to Week Two of the Hearthstone Priest extravaganza. This time, Kripp and Thijs are matched up in a few casual games of best-of-three standard Priest decks, and best-of-three wild Priest decks. The stream will get started TODAY at 11pm PST on https://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp and will end at 2 am PST. The second stream will be Amaz and Amnesiac, two Team Archon teammates going against each other in a True Highlander Format. 90 cards, three decks and all Priest! The stream kicks off on Friday, October 14th at 4 pm PST on https://www.twitch.tv/amazhs and lasts until 6 pm PST. See you in the Tavern!

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