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POWER OVERWHELMING: Transcodes are leveling up!

Sep 30 2016 - By Eric Barnett

It’s time to take off your weighted training pads and unleash your true power. We are happy to announce that now even more of you can take advantage of our quality transcodes than ever before! As streamers we know that you want to provide your audience with the best possible viewing experiences, with this in mind we are now offering transcodes at a much greater rate. How much larger might you ask? We expect to increase our capacity by over 10 times what we currently have. In the coming months we will continue to expand this reach exponentially, granting even more of our streamers quality options for their broadcasts.

Our goal was to empower the entire Twitch broadcasting community to take their streams to the next level; assisting smaller scale streamers to provide an added benefit to their budding communities.

As viewers, we know you want control over your stream viewing experience. That’s why we are displaying these quality options at their resolutions vs the more generic versions of the past.

These improvements also pave the way for higher quality broadcasts like what you saw at TwitchCon in glorious 1080p, 60fps. That’s not all though, we’ve got plans to broadcast both the LCS and WESG in this high definition resolution / frame rate in 2016. There are many more HD quality events to come in the future as well so expect great things in 2017!

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