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More badges, more plumage: Deck out your community with Loyalty Badges

Sep 30 2016 - By Eric Barnett

Partners, the time has come to adorn your most loyal community members with the marks of recognition they deserve. By uploading custom images to the Loyalty Badge system, streamers can visually award their subs based on how long they’ve been subscribed!

Starting today, you can head over to the “Partner Settings” section of your dashboard and select “Badges”. From there you’ll be able to upload custom art for the base 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 month anniversary badges. You’ll have a three week head start on getting art created and uploaded before the badges are enabled for your viewers. You can read more of the finer details of this feature over on our Help Center page here.

Community members will be able to wear their pieces of flair with pride on October 24th when Loyalty Badges are turned on. Let everyone know your true OG status in your favorite channels and happy subaversary!

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