Sep 23, 2016 - By Kyle (Monkey on Strike)

Creative Corner at TwitchCon

As the Twitch Creative community grows, so does our presence at TwitchCon! This year, we’ll be taking over an entire corner. How did we get there? By listening to your feedback and acting on as many of your awesome ideas as possible.

Thanks to you, here’s a roundup of all the fun things you can do at Creative Corner next weekend:

Bob Ross Paint-Along

To celebrate the magic of Bob Ross and the impact his show has made on the Creative community, the Bob Ross Company will be hosting a paint-along all weekend long. Pre-sale tickets are available now and each purchase comes with a starter kit (canvas and paints for multiple works). Spots are limited, so make sure you sign up soon.

Not going to TwitchCon? You can still get the kit and paint-along at home. We’ll be streaming all the sessions to

Artist Alley

Love awesome art? Interested in commissioning new emotes or other assets for your channel? Look no further than the Artist Alley where you can meet, chat, and buy original works from 20+ artists within Creative:


Like last year, we will have a gallery featuring works created by our broadcasters but even bigger this time! We’ve curated a diverse collection of the best artwork from our community. And, we’re excited to unveil it to everyone who’s attending TwitchCon on September 29th! Each of the works will have a QR code with a link to the creator’s channel on Twitch, so you can find out more about the artist.

Live Art Mural

To be true to our mission of sharing the creative process, we are inviting some of your favorite Creative Partners to collaborate on a mural at TwitchCon. Shout RUINED and SAVED as these artists work together to create a TwitchCon masterpiece.

Outside of Creative Corner, we have other amazing events planned to make your TwitchCon weekend awesome. Be sure to download our app and add the Cosplay Contest, The Talent Show, and our Panel, “The Creation of Twitch Creative” to your schedule.

Hope to see you at TwitchCon! If you are going, stop by the Creative Corner for some special, secret swag!


Twitch Creative Community Manager

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