Sep 16, 2016 - By Brian Petrocelli

New chat moderation tools, get hype!

The chat team has been hard at work creating all sorts of new tools that empower quality moderation. As a matter of fact the first batch just came off the assembly-line: Moderator Action Attribution, Chat Rules, and Chat Delay.

Mod Logs 1.1

At PAX west we announced that broadcasters would now be able to see which moderator took an action alongside the system message in chat. Well fueled by your feedback — and a healthy amount of caffeine — now other moderators can also see which moderator took an action.

I can hear you now, “But Citizen what if my mods get all agro at one another?”

Any conversations that arise as a result of us exposing moderator actions will create an opportunity to clarify the finer points of what is and isn’t allowed on the channel, hopefully resulting in a better chat experience for everyone.

Chat Rules

SirNoobsALot: “What do you mean I can’t post links in here?”

LiterallyEveryone: “Read the rules! FailFish”

The days of new chatters claiming ignorance are over. You may now create a custom set of Chat Rules for your channel! Simply head to your channel settings page, create your rules, and be amazed as new chatters miraculously know the rules before chatting.

As a matter of fact we ran some experiments and viewers who have agreed to Chat Rules are timed out less frequently than those who haven’t. All without negatively affecting chat participation. Hooray science!

Chat Delay

We’ve added an option to delay chat by 2, 4 or 6 seconds. Why? We wanted an option to give mods a head start, removing messages that violate the rules before they ever hit the main chat.

As a bonus, when Chat Delay is enabled only moderators will see the infamous system message. This makes chat look and feel much cleaner while avoiding giant walls of modded chat messages. Deleted message removal is especially effective for channels that use bot moderation, because robots moderate at the speed of LUL LOOK AT HOW LOUD I WRITE.

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