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Ablegamers community spotlight

Aug 22 2016 - By Evan Freitas

How do gamers overcome physical disabilities to excel at certain video games? What can game developers and streaming platforms like Twitch do to help? AbleGamers, an advocacy group for gamers with disabilities, is running a five day streaming event (August 22–26) on Twitch showcasing how six different streamers have worked around their disabilities to excel at games and create fun and compelling streams. They’ll also discuss what more can be done by the games industry to remove physical limitations in gaming.

Here are the featured streamers and their schedules for the week:

Monday, 8/22 6:00 AM PT halfcoordinated

Monday, 8/22 4:30 PM PT Thumblessgaming

Tuesday, 8/23 4:00 PM PT Blindgamer102

Wednesday, 8/24 12 PM PT CombodudeTheGamer

Thursday, 8/25 3:00 PM PT DeafGamersTV

Friday, 8/26 6:00 PM PT CrippledKenny

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