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Cheers! More Cheering across the US and UK

Aug 2 2016 - By Robin Fontaine

When Cheering launched as a limited beta in June, we introduced a new way to celebrate with your friends in chat while showing support for content creators. We’ve tested our systems, collected great feedback from the community, and we’ve heard from hundreds of Partnered Twitch streamers across the globe that they want Cheering on their channels. And so, due to overwhelming demand, we are starting the transition to an open, opt-in beta so that Partners can enable Cheering in their channels whenever they’re ready. We’ll start with everyone in the US and UK on August 4th. By the end of August, we expect to welcome more European partners to join. Other countries will be added based on demand from Partners, and as we add local language support. We’re excited to see what the global community does with Cheering!

One of the most frequently asked questions about Cheering is, “What are you doing next with it?” Since launch, we’ve made improvements including controls for Cheering in the Partner dashboard, a toggle for the Cheer Chat Badge, some new UX prototyped for EVO that we’ll refine and extend to other events, and UX optimizations you’ll see rolling out over the month of August. Next, we want to invest in ways for viewers to receive Bits via activities on Twitch, to make Cheering more accessible to everyone. We’ll start testing these ideas before TwitchCon.

Although we are expanding Cheering to many more users on Twitch, it is still a beta. There is so much more to come for Cheering, and you’ll continue to see changes and improvements over time. So keep on Cheering, and keep telling us what you think here.

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