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Vote your favorite streamers into the H1Z1 Invitational at TwitchCon

Jul 27 2016 - By Evan Freitas

With TwitchCon 2016 just around the corner, players in the H1Z1 community are refining their Battle Royale skills in preparation for the ultimate competition: the H1Z1 2016 Invitational on Sunday, October 2. While not all of this year’s competitors have been officially announced, Twitch and Daybreak are giving six individuals a chance to prove themselves worthy of a spot on the TwitchCon stage to fight to the death. All of the following homegrown H1Z1 streamers have the skill, but do they have the charisma? They can walk the walk, but can they talk the talk? For the next two weeks, they’ll be persuading YOU to vote them. Here are your nominees and their streaming schedules:

Choppadownn — Daily, 4AM — 1PM PDT and 7PM — 2AM PDT

Di3seL — Daily, 6PM — 4AM PDT

HOOWy — Daily, 4AM — ?? (except Wednesdays)

KillyKAPOWski — Daily, 3PM — 9PM PDT (except Friday)

p90princess — Daily, 8PM — 2AM (except Sundays)

STEVOLIVE — Daily, 11PM — 7AM PDT (except Fridays)

Here’s how it works: for two weeks, 7/27 through 8/8, we’ll be spotlighting the nominees listed above. Take a look at their streams and decide who you think should have a seat in the 2016 Invitational.

Once you’re ready, you can vote here.

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