Jul 12, 2016 - By Kai Boyd

Viewers and broadcasters unite! Building together in Poly Bridge

Creative engineer? Sandbox builder? Professional architect? None of the above? No problem!

Poly Bridge from Dry Cactus is now fully launched, along with a unique Twitch integration that lets you collaborate with your broadcaster and other fans to create engineering genius.

Poly Bridge is a physics-based puzzle game that let’s you engage on Twitch in a unique way. Through an in-browser player experience, viewers submit build schematics to their broadcaster, who then vets and chooses the best designs to load in-game.

As a viewer, you’re also a player in the game — directly contributing to your broadcaster’s success (or failure), and potentially the hero designer with the winning bridge build.

As a streamer, you play at your own pace and can engage with your community in a deeply engaging way. With features like subscriber-only mode and timed suggestion submission windows, Poly Bridge gives you freedom to craft your own community narrative.

Interested in playing as a viewer or as a broadcaster? Learn more on the Poly Bridge site, and we’ll see you on the other side (of the river, hopefully)!

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