Jul 5, 2016 - By Eric Barnett

You get an app and you get an app! Download the Twitch PS Vita app now.

The circle is now complete. You can now watch Twitch across all of your PlayStation devices! No matter where you are, never miss your favorite streams ever again with the new PS Vita app.

Our PlayStation Vita app gives you the power to follow and watch your favorite broadcasters from anywhere. The freedom to watch Twitch from a handheld device with a data connection, anywhere around the globe.

Just like our PlayStation 3 app, here are some things you can do with Twitch on Vita:

  • Watch live and recorded video of top games, players, and esports events.
  • Follow channels and games you want to keep tabs on.
  • Discover new PlayStation broadcasters through a featured section, as well as a variety of streamers across the platform.

Visit the PlayStation Store on your console to download our PS Vita app right now. Be sure to tell us your thoughts on our PlayStation app experience and what you’d like to see next by leaving a comment below!

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