May 17, 2016 - By Annie Berrones

Watch Maker Faire Live on Twitch Creative!

Ever dreamed of printing your very own 3D KappaRoss? Or how about customizing a drone for your beloved pet? Well, starting Friday, you can learn this and more by tuning into Maker Faire live on Twitch Creative!

For the first time, we’ll be bringing you all of the wacky, weird, and wildly creative action from the Make: Show + Tell Stage. You can follow the event exclusively on this Friday at 3 pm PT until Sunday 5 pm PT. And, if you wanna watch it live with your community, just type /host make into your chat.

Celebrating the Creative

Described as the world’s greatest show [and tell], Maker Faire is a coming together of artists, crafters, tech enthusiasts, and many others who embrace the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. Like Twitch Creative, the event celebrates makers and gives the community an opportunity to share their projects live and be inspired by one another.

Since Twitch Creative launched last fall, we’ve learned so much from watching your streams and being a part of your #community. From dawah200 smithing an arrowhead, to PunishedProps’ Assaultron costume, to iliketomakestuff prototyping an Atari wallet, we’re blown away by the creativity you share every day.

LEGO Robots, 3D printing, and yes even Adam Savage!

This weekend, we’re excited to welcome even more creative inspiration from Maker Faire Bay Area. What can you expect? You can see a full schedule here, but some of our favorites include:

  • How to Get Started With 3D Printing

  • Air Rockets & Other Launchables

  • How to Make a Submarine or Spaceship Door from an Old House Door

  • Making Sensors for LEGO Mindstorms

  • Talking Shop With Jimmy DiResta, Mark Frauenfelder and Simone Giertz

  • Meet the Authors of Make: Getting Started with Drones

  • And, a special talk from maker wizard, Adam Savage!

We’ll also be onsite bringing you live updates of all the maker mayhem. Follow our adventures this weekend on @TwitchCreates.

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