Apr 29, 2016 - By Brandon Ewing

Announcing Twitch’s 100 in 10 Hearthstone Arena Challenge!

Back in December, the Hearthstone community was presented with a challenge — one that defies the Constructed-centered focus on high-level play, and created specifically for the beasts of Limited.

100 in 10 is a challenge to net 100 wins in ten Arena runs, and has proven to be one of the most difficult achievements to earn in Hearthstone. Team Archon’s Amaz kicked things off with a solid 69-win performance, but it was Cloud9’s Hafu to come closest in February, earning 96 wins. It took three months for someone to finally complete all 100 wins — German player TwoBiers. His run was so good, that he finished his run with 103 wins, and almost achieved the feat on his ninth run.

Achieving the feat takes an immense amount of patience, an enormous amount of skill, and a little bit of luck. To complete the challenge, players must maintain a win rate of over 77%, a statistic so impressive that we’ve decided to put a little something on the line to spice things up.

Starting this month, and every month thereafter for the next year, the first player to complete the 100 in 10 challenge on stream will be awarded a global emote they design themselves! This emote will be available for a whole month, and should a new player complete the challenge the next month, that emote will be replaced by a new one. However, if no one manages to dethrone the previous month’s champion, then the previous champion’s emote will continue to run rampant in Twitch chat.

To commemorate the first and only streamer to complete the original challenge, we’ll kick the competition off with our latest emote, BiersDerp!

Enjoy the challenge, and we’re excited to see some amazing runs!

*Full official rules can be found here.

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