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PAX East 2016 Partner Meet & Greet Schedule

Apr 23 2016 - By Benjamin Goldhaber

We have tons of awesome partners coming by our booth, and they want to meet you! Here’s the remaining scheduled meet and greets:


2pm EST: Pokket, Dodger, Strippin, itmeJP, Annemunition, GassyMexican, AdamKoebel

4pm EST: OMGitsfirefoxx, iijeriichoii, Geoff, ImCoty, halyinic


12pm EST: Wyld, Bacon_donut, Sevadus, aDrive, LobosJr

2pm EST: Ellohime, CohhCarnage, Ezekiel_III, FuturemanGaming, EatMyDiction1, TangentGaming, Bikeman, Anthony_kongphan

4pm EST: AlaskanSavage, Swiftor, Jonsandman, MANvsGAME, CobaltStreak, Fairlight_Excalibur

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