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Indie Spotlight: Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition

Apr 15 2016 - By Evan Freitas

Bored with Earth and love building stuff? This week’s Indie Spotlight may be right up your deep space alley, and this one is seven years in the making.

In Planetoid Pioneers, you play as a 200-year-old citizen of future-Earth on a quest to explore thousands of planetoids, mine them for resources, and build almost anything you can imagine along the way to make your life easier. With extremely detailed physics based gameplay, custom tools/weapons like an Acid Bee Gun, and a robust in-game editor, you can truly create a new world as you see fit. In space. Awesome.

This afternoon, join Director Dan Tabár and the Data Realms team for the ceremonial button push that will officially launch Planetoid Pioneers Early Access on Steam. They’ll also talk more about their vision and plan to engage with you, the Twitch community, on how to get involved in the game’s Creator Community and sell your content through the Steam workshop. Your content could even get integrated into the official game.

It’s all going down on the Data Realms channel from 3:00–5:00pm PT, so don’t miss it. And keep an eye out for more from the Data Realms team at PAX East!

For more information about Planetoid Pioneers, visit the official Planetoid Pioneers website.

You can also download the game through Steam right here.

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