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Twitch at the St. Jude PLAY LIVE Summit

Apr 8 2016 - By Brandon Ewing

Thursday evening, 60+ Twitch Broadcasters (including popular broadcasters like Bacon_donut, Ellohime, Ms_Vixen, and members of Main Menu and New Game+) flocked to Memphis from all around the US and Canada in a mass of purple. Their goal? To visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to get first-hand experience of the work done at St. Jude and realize the importance of supporting St. Jude PLAY LIVE.

Yesterday, these broadcasters got an educational lesson from researchers at St. Jude, learning about how gaming is an effective therapy for childhood cancer survivors. However, ask any one of them in attendance, and they’ll agree that the most impactful hours were spent interacting with St. Jude patients, hearing their stories of hope and survival, and bonding over a common passion: video games.

Today they’ll spend time learning more about how St. Jude pioneers research, leading the way the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. While you may not be able to join them in person, you’ll be able to catch some of the active live from the first ever off-site Twitch Weekly, live at 2 pm PDT on Twitch, being broadcasted all the way from St. Jude.

Summits like these not only help the broadcasters learn more about St. Jude to spread awareness, but enables them to provide feedback to make streaming for charity more interactive for the community. Their suggestions have helped shape the program, including a new feature for St. Jude PLAY LIVE launching this year: a custom overlay tool that will enable broadcasters to see donations in real time on their stream.

Today, St. Jude PLAY LIVE is kicking off it’s third prize season, and to date have raised nearly $2 million. To learn more about St. Jude PLAY LIVE, and how to get one of those epic purple hoodies for yourself, head on over to and register today!

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