Mar 15, 2016 - By Noreen T. M.

Introducing with a marathon of Julia Child’s The French Chef!

Julia Child Marathon: Introducing the Official Food Channel with The French Chef!

Today, Twitch Creative is celebrating the joy of cooking with the launch of a brand new channel dedicated to all things food! will showcase cooking content 24/7 on Twitch Creative, and we’re kicking things off with an almighty marathon of all 201 episodes of Julia Child’s classic PBS cooking show, The French Chef. The broadcast gets started today at 2 pm Pacific, when you can also start using three brand new global emotes. Meet NomNom, ChefFrank, and StinkyCheese!

Since the launch of Twitch Creative just five months ago, we have seen some amazing things created live on streams. From makeup to music, game development to graphic design, we’ve watched broadcasters showcase their creations and build communities around their passions. Broadcasters have found new ways to connect with their viewers by adding Twitch Chat and live feedback to the standard cooking show mix. CookingForNoobs created the amazingly artful Bob Ross painting lasagna below, and Domestic Dan lets viewers choose his Sunday supper ingredients with Twitch Cooks Dinner. FakeGamerGirl, Goldamsel, WorkingChef, ChefLethalPlays, and Lulaboo are a few more examples of broadcasters hosting food streams, and you can check out #Food to see more live cooking, baking and other food shows on Twitch Creative!

As the original TV chef, Julia Child laid the groundwork for all food show hosts today. By inviting viewers into her home and addressing them with a friendly and forgiving attitude, she inspired generations of cooks to take risks in the kitchen. Just like Twitch Favorite, Bob Ross, Julia Child wasn’t afraid of ‘happy little accidents’, famously telling her fans, “the only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” #RealTalk.

All week, we’ll be highlighting great streamers from our community on the @TwitchCreates Twitter, so make sure to send us links and pictures of your favorite streams and your creations in the kitchen. If you’re inspired to try your hand at streaming your own culinary adventures, use #Food in the title of your stream to be included in the directory of food streams on Twitch Creative.

A big thanks goes out to PBS Distribution and Janson Media for working with us to bring The French Chef to Twitch and to all of the artists commissioned through Twitch Creative to supply artwork for the Food channel page. Check out all the credits on the /Food channel. Also, thanks to our friends at PBS Digital Studios, for supplying their video, Julia Child Remixed — Keep on Cooking, to be played between episodes. Make sure to tune in to our marathon of Julia Child’s The French Chef, starting today at 2 pm Pacific on

Bon appétit! The Twitch Creative Team

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