Mar 2, 2016

Update: Chat Replay is Now Live!

Starting today, all videos made after we started capturing chat messages on February 23rd will include Chat Replay right alongside the video.

Now, when a chicken wing-loving puppet plays Diablo III or there’s a blindfolded attempt at completing Super Mario 64 you’ll know the exact moments that made Twitch Chat go wild. And if you want to get really meta, check out last week’s Twitch Weekly talking about Chat Replay — now with Chat Replay. Whoa.

For the full scoop on Chat Replay, read below and check out the Chat Replay FAQ for more info.

Originally posted on February 23, 2016

Watching recorded video on Twitch is about to get a whole lot better, and a whole lot more like a live experience!

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out Chat Replay, a new feature that brings the excitement of Twitch Chat to recorded videos. Now, when you watch a recorded stream or highlight, the chat from the live broadcast will show up right next to the video. Never again will you wonder which moments had the chat going wild or what messages your favorite broadcaster is responding to. With Chat Replay, you can fully immerse yourself in the Twitch viewing experience and relive the best moments from broadcasts exactly as they happened live.

Starting today, we will begin capturing chat messages from live streams, and chat messages will be gradually added to recorded videos over the next few weeks.

Chat Replay messages will display alongside videos as long as they are available on Twitch. This includes Sub notifications, Emotes, and Badges exactly as they appeared on the live stream.

If you already use the browser extension, ReChat, you’ll be happy to know that Chat Replay brings all the same functionality (and more!) directly into Twitch, and was developed with input from its creator, Nils Caspar, who officially joined the Twitch team last year.

Chat Replay also has moderation features built directly into the interface. Messages deleted due to user time-outs or bans during a live stream will not appear in Chat Replay, but, since channel moderators can’t always catch everything when it happens, anyone with permission to moderate a particular channel will also be able to delete individual chat messages from that channel’s recorded videos.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as Chat Replay is added to videos made starting today. To learn more about Chat Replay and moderation functions, check out the Chat Replay FAQ.

Originally published at on March 2, 2016.

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