Jan 13, 2016

Announcing the “Twitch Plays” Game Category

Calling all game devs! The Twitch Plays game category is officially open for business. Ever since the infamous TPP event shook the world back in February 2014, we’ve had tons of fascinating adaptations of the Twitch Plays concept, and we’re now excited to [finally] feature them all in one place.

What’s more, we have some incredible new projects launching today that we’re excited to share with you.

  • City Stream — Studio Bean, the creator of Choice Chamber is back! Team up to build and defend a massive geometric city. Whether you’re a builder, gatherer, or at the frontlines of battle, you’ll find your place in City Stream.

  • TwitchPlaysZombidle — This PC title is adapted from Berzerk Studio’s mobile game. Level up your very own Twitch character and join forces with the rest of the chat to wreck havoc on the good guys.

  • Kid Mech — KidMech is a live-action Twitch robot arena battle game comprising of two teams and an unlimited number of users controlling each bot. Gameplay will cycle between various competitive games including: Battle Soccer, Last Man Standing, and Capture the Flag. The arena features several interactive destructive weapons — such as the saw and flamethrower — that can be utilized to score additional points or weaken the opposition.

  • TwitchVersusZombies — Communicate and elaborate strategies with peers in order to eradicate the zombies. In this game where each decision of every individual counts, you will mend, defend, attack, scout, and build your way back to the top of the food chain.

Other active releases featured in the directory include:

  • Twitch Plays Robot — Real life robots controlled by Twitch fight for their mechanical lives in a series of games and events set up by Let’s Robot. The first event will be RobogueLike, which is a real life procedurally generated dungeon crawler full of puzzles, traps, surprises, crafting, and enemy robots. How long can Twitch survive?

  • Twitch Plays Dark Souls — One of the more popular Twitch Plays games, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 have already been beaten with the current focus on Demon’s Souls.

  • TwitchPlaysClawMachine — What could make playing a carnival claw machine more frustrating than normal? How about connecting it to Twitch.

  • TwitchPlaysPunchClub: When tinyBuild challenged the Twitch community to beat Punch Club before making it available for purchase, viewers bonded together and quickly completed an abridged version of the boxer’s journey. Given the great response, they are bringing it back to Twitch, except this will be the longer full version of the game players have to face.

  • And of course, TwitchPlaysPokemon! — The progenitor of the Twitch Plays movement is planning its first run of 2016 on February 14 (mark your calendars!). A heavily modified Pokemon Crystal will be played with the game starting in Kanto and featuring a much more sophisticated AI running external to the game.

So head over to the Twitch Plays directory, and play nice!

What qualifies as a Twitch Plays game?

  1. Autonomously running games that utilize Twitch live streams as the primary mode of content delivery.

  2. Interactive experiences that gives the Twitch audience control over “player” actions in the game.

  3. Uncapped number of potential participants. No picking and choosing.

What is not allowed?

  • “Live” interpretations of Twitch Plays, where a broadcaster is acting out audience feedback directly, is prohibited. All channels must feature software based implementations. Sorry Adam Seltzer and Nature Man.

  • Games that feature Twitch integrations, but do not give total control over to the Twitch audience, are not Twitch Plays.

  • As usual, any conduct that violates our Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct is also prohibited.

Of course, because we’re still learning what’s possible in this brave new world of interactive live video content, expect these rules to update over time.

If you have more questions about the Twitch Plays game category or whether your project would qualify, please email our team at twitchplays@twitch.tv.

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