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Twitch Gives Back: 2015 Charity Recap

Dec 21 2015

It’s said that the holidays are considered the “Season of Giving”, yet the Twitch community spent the entirety of 2015 giving back to organizations around the world. We recently wrapped up sales of our Twitch Holiday Shirt, which led to more than $42,000 being sent to Extra Life and St. Jude Play Live. While that seems impressive, it’s just a small contribution to the massive $17.4 million of charitable donations that the community as a whole provided to over 55 different charities this year!

We wanted to take this time to celebrate these achievements and provide some insight into the accomplishments the Twitch community as a whole achieved during 2015. Up from 12 in 2014, there were 25 individual fundraisers that raised over $50,000 each, and more than 60 that raised over $1,000. Our top five events combined raised over $13 million of this year’s total:

Thank you to all of the broadcasters, moderators, volunteers, and viewers who aided in making these successes possible. Whether you supported the stream by watching, tweeting and sharing, moderating, helping in the coordination of these fundraising broadcasts, or by donating funds, your contributions have helped make the world a better place. We are humbled and honored to be the primary gathering place for gamers to give back!

Happy Holidays, and best wishes for a bright 2016!

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