Dec 18, 2015

Pay for Channel Subscriptions with Major Brand Gift Cards

’Tis the season for giving gifts, and we’ve got a surprise gift for you!

In November, we added a new expansion to our payment options: 100+ major brand gift cards. You can now buy channel subscriptions by trading in popular brands such as Walmart, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop and more. Because who doesn’t have a few unused gift cards lying around?

How it works:

  • When subscribing, click the PayPal / More Methods payment option. Popular gift card brands appear individually, and you can find the full list of brands under “100+ Gift Cards”.

  • Select this option and enter your gift card details, and you’ll see the Twitch balance that you can receive by trading it in. (Gift cards are resold on a marketplace, so your reclaim value will be lower than the original gift card balance).

It’s all too common this time of year to get a gift card that you don’t quite know what to do with, so here’s our gift to you: starting today and lasting until December 25th, all channel subscriptions bought with eligible gift card brands (see list) get a 50% discount. (For Partners, all payment fees will be waived during the promotion. Fees will be refunded after December 25th.)

Don’t lose those gift cards to the fluffy chaos of your sock drawer!

All sales are final. For more information on gift card trade-ins, please read the PayGarden FAQ.

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