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VOD Roundup: Twitch broadcasts you may have missed!

Oct 25 2015

So many awesome broadcasts happened on Twitch recently. Just in case you left the house for some reason (or were abducted by aliens) and missed them when they were live, we went ahead and included all the VOD links just for you.

We’re cool like that. Enjoy!

League of Legends World Championship Semifinals Four all-star teams battled to see which two would advance to the Grand Finals in Berlin, Germany.

SKT1 vs. Origen VOD: [RiotGames]( FNATIC vs. Koo Tigers VOD: RiotGames

ARK: Survival of the Fittest — The Last Stand 225 Survivors battled for over $60,000 in cash prizess in the largest ARK: Survival Evolved game ever.

Part 1 VOD: [SurviveTheArk]( Part 2 VOD: SurviveTheArk

Darbian Breaks Super Mario Bros. Speedrun World Record This seemingly perfect speedrun by Darbian blazes through the classic title in 4:56.627, a new world record.

VOD: Darbian

Smash The Record Raises Over $35,000 for Charity 72 hour charity marathon featuring amazing speedruns, Smash Bros. for Wii U and Melee tournaments, fun exhibition matches, and more.

VOD Part 1: [VGBootCamp]( VOD Part 2: VGBootCamp

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