Sep 2, 2015

GamerBee Brings Love of FGC to Twitch

Every new staffer at Twitch is special, but if you’re into fighting games, then today’s announcement is extra special. Joining our in-house stable of fighting game experts and community liaisons — such as Mike Ross, D1, The Crimson Blur, Scar and Victheslik — is none other than GamerBee!

For those not into the fighting game scene, GamerBee has been involved in the FGC for over 25 years and was the first professional fighting game player in Taiwan. To detail all of his career highlights would require several more posts, but among his most notable accolades are being a Champion 16 times since 2010 and taking 2nd place in Street Fighter 4 at EVO in 2012 and 2015.

GamerBee’s role at Twitch is as our new Partnerships Development Lead in Taiwan. By bridging the language and culture barrier between Twitch and the local community in Taiwan, he will be able to assist Taiwanese broadcasters with improving their channels and growing their communities.

Here is what he had to say about coming on board: “To be at Twitch is like getting the Mario Lucky Star! Ever since I became a professional gamer, I knew gaming was my calling. Driven by this purpose and commitment, I look forward to strengthening the gaming community in Asia. I’ll be sharing my talents in Footsie, Shoryuken Anti-Air, and Ultra Combos to help partners and broadcasters have an awesome experience on Twitch in Taiwan.”

We are excited to have him on the team!


在Twitch,每一個成員都是特別的! 但是,若您熟悉格鬥遊戲的話,那今天公告的這位將會格外的特別。Twitch已經有幾位員工是來自格鬥界的專家,如Mike Ross,D1,The Crimson Blur,Scar以及Victheslik等,而今天要加入這個陣容的不是別人,正是獨一無二,來自台灣的GamerBee小向!


GamerBee會加入Twitch在台灣的團隊,並專注在夥伴發展的工作 (Partnerships Development Lead in Taiwan),他將協助打破更多文化語言的藩籬,進一步幫助台灣的實況社群發展。


能進入Twitch就像超級瑪莉吃到幸運星星一樣! 從我成為職業電競選手開始,我就知道我的使命,這個心情驅動著我投入更多心力,期待可以更強化亞洲的遊戲社群。我會不吝於分享各種秘訣,靠著立回差合、昇龍拳對空跟UC連段,替夥伴們跟實況社群,打出一片最棒的Twitch體驗!

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