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Evolution 2015 Smashes Viewership Records

Aug 4 2015

Another Evo has come and gone, and with it, all previous records for fighting game viewership have been destroyed.

Evo has grown consistently year after year on Twitch, but the growth from 2014 to 2015 was so massive that we felt it cause to celebrate. Without further ado, the Evolution 2015 viewership metrics:

This year more than ever fans were able to follow the action and catch every single frame as Evo 2015 was broadcasted live across eight official channels, all discoverable on Twitch’s Evolution 2015 event page.

Evo 2015 also broke new ground as we saw the first official Japanese language feed on Twitch featuring the legendary fighting game content team TopangaTV as broadcast partner. As part of our dedication to our international community of broadcasters, partners, and spectators, we expanded our infrastructure footprint into Japan by installing a new point of presence in Tokyo. This new presence enabled us to serve video from Tokyo and ensure the best possible quality for our Japanese viewers. The Japanese feed accounted for 10% of overall viewership on Championship Sunday with a peak of over 25,000 concurrent viewers.

We would like to congratulate the Evo volunteers, staff, players, and you the viewers for making history once again this year. Here’s looking forward to Evolution 2016!

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