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Choice Chamber: The First Game Built For Twitch

Jul 16 2015

Choice Chamber is finally upon us! The first game designed from the ground-up to be played live on Twitch is officially launching TODAY. And it’s going to be cray.

As Choice Chamber is broadcast on your channel, anyone watching can use the chat to participate in the game. As the player navigates one dangerous chamber after the next, you can choose to be helpful, or you can choose to be evil. You can band together to help the broadcaster reach higher levels (fun!), or you can be the instrument of their demise (even more fun?). Or let anarchy reign, if that’s what you’re into.

To celebrate the launch, Studio Bean is running a weekend-long event: The Choice Chamber Hall of Heroes Challenge. Anyone can make a highlight of their run on Twitch and submit a form at to enter.

Four heroes will be chosen based on the following:

Each winner will take home two truly unique prizes.

Yes, you read that right. Win the challenge and Studio Bean will make you your very own game. The challenge runs from July 16th until July 19th, so get on it.

Go make some mischief in Choice Chamber broadcasts right here!

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