Apr 28, 2015

New Chat Updates: Display Name and more!

In the last week, we’ve rolled out two updates to chat: Display Names and an emote selector. Let’s take a look at each one.

Display Names in Chat

One of our most requested updates since FOREVER is to show Display Name capitalization in chat instead of your username with the first letter capitalized. Well, we’re excited to announce that today’s the day! Your name in chat will now respect the capitalization of your Display Name. (You can manage your Display Name on your Settings page.)

NOTE: Your Display Name must still match the characters and their sequence in your username; that is, you cannot have a different Display Name from your username. Also, no name changes. #Kappa

For now, Display Name capitalization will only be shown on web chat with other platforms coming soon, and logins will still show up in autocomplete and highlighting in Chat Mentions.

A change to your Display Name should be reflected in chat in approximately one minute.

Emote Selector

Last week we added an emote selector to chat. Click on the emote icon in the top right corner and you’ll see EVERY GLOBAL EMOTE. You’ll also see which subscriber emotes you have access to on a per-channel basis.

Simply click on the emote you want to use to add it to chat. It’s that simple.

Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for more feature updates!

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