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A new persistent player for mobile

Mar 31 2015

Ever wish you could do two things at once? Like eat a pizza and nap or, browse our app and continue watching your current broadcast?

Well thanks to our devs, that last wish has come true. Our latest update for iOS and Android* introduces a persistent player. This lets you simultaneously watch video and browse for other content. If you want to remove the persistent player from your view, swipe it away.

For our Android fans, we’ve got a bonus update for you…Audio Only mode. This lets you listen to broadcasts while your phone is locked or if the app is running in the background. To activate this new feature, tap the Video Options icon (aka the cog) in the video player and select Audio Only mode. At any time, you can also control this mode outside the app via system notifications.

Get our app on Google Play or the App Store to try these features now.

Note: Currently, Android 4.3+ is required for the persistent player.

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