Mar 30, 2015

Miss Twitch Weekly? Get the VOD + Timestamps for March 27th, 2015

We had another awesome episode of Twitch Weekly this week! If you want to know more about the all of topics we discussed — the super duper crazy awesome /r/Twitch user Jikkircraft (@Jikkir on Twitter) has put together a run down of all subjects + timestamp links to each of those sections! Check it out below:


  • Hosts @djWHEAT, @SomaJT, @Fishstix, @Atrioc

  • Speak up a little Soma!

  • Dirty Bomb is a pretty sweet game

  • League of Legends is an up and coming game — keep an eye out for that indie company “Riot Games”! Kappa

  • Heroes of the Storm’s most recent patch, Map and Hero released

  • No Twitch updates this week!

VOD Time

Final Round 18 Recap

  • Congratulations to Xian for taking first place!

  • Check out the standings on the website here!

  • Hit 60k viewers which is a huge jump compared to previous streams

  • 30 spots left for the Capcom Cup!

VOD Time

Twitch Plays Pokemon Update!

  • All 151 Pokemon were caught in 39 days, meaning djWheat won the guessing game that was going on (if you remember that from a little while ago)!

  • Here’s a comparison between Season 1 and Season 2

VOD Time

Ultra Music Festival

  • Ultra Music Festival 2015 is being streamed live on Twitch from Miami

  • Check out the Channel here!

  • Check out the line-up

  • As will all VODS, check out the channel’s previous Broadcasts if you miss watching the show live!

  • Join in on Twitter with #Ultralive

VOD Time

Gfinity Spring Masters

  • The first StarCraft II event hosted by Gfinity in it’s awesome London Esports arena

  • 27th-29th

  • 16 players with a $10,000 prize pool

  • Watch the event go down with the link in the title!

VOD Time

Star Ladder S12 LAN — CS:GO event

  • Largest CS:GO since Katowice (which rocked, by the way)!

  • Here’s the channel to keep up to date!

VOD Time

Red Bull Kumite

VOD Time

Hearthstone World Record Attempt

  • Longest Hearthstone Turn Ever clocks in at over 40 hours!

  • Completed by mamytwink

  • Here’s an article on the attempt

VOD Time

Game releases

  • Bloodborne was released — of course you know about it; it reached the rank 1 spot!

  • There’s a chat about how Bloodborne will be around to stay, that led on to this awesome person playing Dark Souls with Donkey Konga Bongas.. WHAT THE KREYGASM!

  • Pillars of eternity Directory

VOD Time

Video Spotlight — GamingDelimited

  • Duo stream

  • College students

  • Here’s the link to skip to their video trailer!

  • Schedule: MONDAY — 6PM THURSDAY — 4PM FRIDAY — 4PM SATURDAY — 4PM (Eastern Time, GMT -4)

  • To send a video in to be featured for a spotlight, PM the user “TwitchWeekly” with your video as a Dropbox link :)

VOD Time

Staff Pick

  • FUNimation — if you’re an anime fan, you’ll have heard of these guys!

  • Every Wednesday after airing some new anime, they sit and chat with guests, what they’re watching, etc… It’s pretty cool!

  • Remember to follow their Twitch channel if you’re interested — FUNimation

  • Also, check out jcarverpoker!

VOD Time

Partner Spotlight — SnarfyBobo

  • For those that don’t know what this is, each week a newer partner is chosen to be spotlighted on the front page of Twitch for additional exposure

  • Snarfy is a cool speedrunner — as always, check out his channel with the link in the title, and see the games he streams/his schedule!

  • Last week’s spotlight as a reminder — Rated E with Elspeth!

VOD Time

Final Thoughts

  • Remember to watch Ultra!! ┏( — )┛ ┗( — )┓ ┏( — )┛

  • Keep up to date with Twitch music on Twitter with @twitchfm

  • #Kumyte > Kumite

  • Soma will be playing Heroes… no surprise there! Surprised there wasn’t a dirty shoutout from Atrioc :D

  • djWheat will be dying a lot on Bloodborne — so stay tuned! :P

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Mar 31, 2015

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