Dec 17, 2014 - By Jason Maestas

Chat Update: New Global Moderator Role and Badge

To better define our Moderation teams, notably roles and responsibilities, we updated Chat with a new role: Global Moderator. A Global Moderator is basically a Super Channel Moderator: all the privileges of a Channel Moderator across all channels on the site. Global Moderators are volunteers who have extensive experience and knowledge of all things Twitch. We hope you’ll say hi to them and look to them for advice and support. That icon is pretty bad axe.

A reminder that Administrators, or “Admins” for short, are paid personnel who review grief reports and enforce our Terms of Service. In short, they help us keep Twitch safe and fun.

For more on chat badges and what they represent, read this.


How can I become a Global Moderator or Admin?

First, make sure to say your prayers and eat your vitamins. Second, we add to our volunteer or paid corps on an as-needed basis. There aren’t always openings. We’ll post on Twitter (@TwitchSupport) when we’re looking for more folks. So make sure to have your Twitch resume/CV and referrals ready when the time comes!

Does this change the Channel Moderator role? (AKA, Does this mean I’m now a Global Moderator?)

No. This role is a new, separate role from the Channel Moderator role. The Channel Moderator does not change. This new role is effectively a Channel Moderator in all channels. The badge is a darker green and an axe to convey the extension of this role from the existing Channel Moderator role (lighter green and a sword).

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