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We [finally] improved Email Notification controls

Dec 12 2014

We know it’s true: Notifications have been notoriously difficult to manage and update. But that’s about to change. Now, you can conveniently subscribe or unsubscribe to email notifications directly from a channel page. No more hunting through your Settings to find the channel you want to receive Notifications from.

Here’s the gist:

When you find a channel you want to follow, click the Follow button, and you’ll be prompted to select your individual channel notification settings.

Change your mind about your subscription status on a specific channel? Update it in no time! Simply go to the channel you’d like to update, click Follow and toggle the Notification button to your new preference.

For the time being, People You Follow will remain in your Settings page, and you can still update your notification preferences there. Your global notification settings will also continue to live in Settings. Head over to your Settings page if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from all email notifications at once.

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