Dec 12, 2014

VOD: Twitch Weekly for the Week of December 12th, 2014

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We had another awesome episode of Twitch Weekly this week! If you want to know more about any of the cool stuff we talked about this week, we’ve included links to all the major topics in the post below. Thanks for watching!

Twitch Updates

Twitch AHGL Updates — We WON vs Amazon (League of Legends), vs. Google (DotA 2), and vs. Boeing (Hearthstone) Watch Twitch with Razer Comms Stream Viewer New Notification Controls let you conveniently subscribe or unsubscribe to email notifications directly from a channel page! Xbox One Twitch App Update brings a slew of advanced broadcast filtering features that help you find exactly what you want to watch. Twitch acquires GoodGame Agency!

Events and Esports:

Capcom Cup — Saturday from 12 p.m. -10 p.m, featuring Daigo, Infiltration, Justin Wong, etc. with a $50,000+ prize pool and Street Fighter V Exhibition Goblins & Gnomes has been released for Hearthstone! The Game Awards — Big announcements & gamer authenticity were the marks of this well-run show Coca Cola Game-A-Thon — December 15th at 1PM PST w/ Swiftor, TheJustinFlynn, VoyBoy, & JonCarnage with host SeltzerPlease Iron Games Columbus is the first Halo Championship Series sanctioned LAN event, and is hosted by Iron Gaming and taking place in Columbus, OH from Dec 12–14th. Tune in and watch some Halo 2 Anniversary competition Hunter Pence broadcast at Twitch HQ today (Friday) for “Legends: 2014 SF Giants” Comcast interview at 4:30 p.m. PST


Video Spotlight: NukemDukem

Staff Pick: Twitch Admin AncientPriest picks YouPickGames a variety cast in every sense. Focused on chat interaction and playing everything from L.A. Noire to Persona!

Aureylian Pick #1: Yogscast Aureylian Pick #2: Shep689

YOU PICKED: Cereth — Final Fantasy Month Speedrunner who has been dedicating every waking moment of his stream to FF. Beginning at Final Fantasy, Cereth has made his way to FF6, and is about to hit the iconic FF7.

In other news
Dec 16, 2014

Watch and Chat in Full Screen with Theater Mode

Watch and Chat in Full Screen with Theater Mode Post
Dec 12, 2014

We [finally] improved Email Notification controls

We [finally] improved Email Notification controls Post