Oct 7, 2014

Broadcast Dashboard Updates

Hey broadcasters and partners! Now that we’ve built out our internal statistics pipeline, broadcaster and partner dashboards will see some changes over the coming months. Next up for improvement are subscriber and per-broadcast stats, which will give the broadcaster (you!) more insight into how individual broadcasts are performing; we’ll be tracking when you change broadcast details and pairing up your stats with them.

Before we get to the improvements, we’ve moved over some resource-intensive charts to our internal stats system:

  • Concurrent Viewers

  • Max Concurrent Viewers

  • Time Watched

  • Time Broadcast

The new system lets us answer more of your questions about your broadcasts, but comes at the cost of timeliness. Specifically, we are batching our loads, which means data will be incomplete for at least 10 hours. What this means for you: We will delay the data for the above metrics by 24 hours to ensure they are correct when you see them. Expect to see some small differences in these metrics for October data; the new numbers are more accurate.

Over the coming months, we expect to significantly reduce this lag by restructuring our pipeline to pull out these statistics earlier in the pipe, making the wait much shorter. In parallel, we will provide more data about broadcasts to help you understand your streams — more on this shortly, we’re excited to talk about where the dashboard is going.

Thanks for being patient while we work to improve broadcast statistics!

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