Sep 11, 2014

Minecraft Group Takes a Crack at Raising $100k for Extra Life

Starting at 10am EDT Saturday, September 13, the Minecraft group Mindcrack will start a 24 hour marathon for Extra Life in hopes of raising $100,000 to benefit kids affected by life threatening illness and injury. Throughout the broadcast, you’ll be able to see activities the group is notorious for broadcasting and filming for YouTube, such as SethBling’s Building Game, building on their private SMP server, GMOD (aka Garry’s Mod) shenanigans, and Mario Kart.

Most notably, and for the first time ever, the group (along with several guests such as AntVenom, CaptainSparklez, BaconDonut, and many more) will be competing in a Minecraft Hunger Games style UHC LIVE, allowing viewers who donate to the Mindcrack Extra Life page to both view the match in-game and also sponsor items for their favorite players to affect the outcome.

There are also many prizes from sponsors like LootCrate, DXracer, J!NX, Jazwares and Mojang that will be given out to top donators during the broadcast. Make sure you tune in this weekend to the Mindcrack Network channel to catch all the action!

Here’s the full schedule:

(All times Eastern)

10:00 am — Intro/Schedules/Set Up

  • Participants: Aureylian, Guude

11:00 am — Building Game, Round 1

  • Participants: Chad, Coe, Guude, Millbee, Nebris, Pause, Pyro

12:00 pm — Building Game, Round 2

  • Participants: Aurey, Baj, Blue, Chad, Coe, Pause, SethBling

1:00 pm — UHC #ForTheKids

4:00 pm — Mindcrack SMP

  • ****Participants: AnderZel, Pause, Guude

6:00 pm — MiniGames

  • Participants: Baj, DireDwarf, Guude, Pause

8:00 pmMario Kart 8

  • Participants: Coe, Millbee, Pause, Pyro

11:00 pm — Waking Up (Super Hostile)

  • Participants: Aureylian, Vechs

1:00 am — Speedruns (Mario)

  • Participants: SethBling

3:00 am — GMOD

  • Participants: Chad, Coe, Guude, Pause

5:00 am — Mindcrack SMP

  • Participants: GenerikB, Guude, Pause

10:00 am — Closing!

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Sep 12, 2014

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