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Important Reminder: Past Broadcasts Removed Today

Aug 27 2014

As announced 20 days ago, at 2pm PDT today, August 27th, the next steps in our VOD storage system will begin to take place.

Past broadcasts will begin to be removed from Twitch servers. This also marks the beginning of the new VOD storage system:

If you would like to keep your past broadcasts, you can easily export them to YouTube or create highlights with our new Video Manager. Additionally, you can save locally right when you start broadcasting.

These changes take us one step closer to our ultimate goal: to deliver the highest quality video across multiple platforms. As we mentioned three weeks ago, the new VOD system will support the features you’ve requested, like:

This is an incredibly exciting time for Twitch, and we’re thrilled to have your support! Thank you for for patience and your understanding while we work to create the best broadcasting experience for you and your communities.

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