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Free Concert — Steve Aoki Live from Ibiza

Jul 30 2014

That’s right! A couple of weeks ago we surveyed the Twitch community and asked: “Would you be interested in watching your favorite artists perform live on Twitch?” A full 80% of you said, “Yes!”

Some friends in the music industry have been interested in sharing free live concerts on Twitch for some time. Given the community’s feedback in our survey, we said “Yes!”

Here’s the 411:

Steve Aoki: “Aoki’s Playhouse” live from Pacha in Ibiza, Spain

We hope you enjoy this free live concert, and as always, we want your feedback. Please let us know what you think at Feel free to try out the new Host Mode to share these concerts via your own Twitch channel. It’s like having a free live concert just for you and your friends.

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