Jul 1, 2014

Twitch Live Annotations FAQ

UPDATE: We made a change to our live annotations that should hopefully alleviate cases where the promotion was not appearing at all. The change goes as follows:

  • If you have a scheduled inVideo Promotion that appears during the first 13 seconds of your YouTube video, we will offset this promotion to start at 14 seconds.

  • This allows for the Twitch Live Annotation to appear at 3 seconds and last for 10 seconds.

This behavior is non-destructive and will only offset inVideo Promotions that would otherwise appear at the same time as the Twitch Live Annotation.

We made a change to YT annotations that will go out later today, that should hopefully alleviate some of the missing promotions.

We’ve been humbled by the response so far to V1 of Twitch Live Annotations. In going through all your feedback, we found some common questions that we wanted to address.

Please note:We have discovered a YouTube bug that prevents annotations from showing sometimes. We’re working with YouTube’s team to iron this out as quickly as possible and will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience!

(NEW) Help! Twitch Live Annotations are starting to appear on my stream, even when I’m not broadcasting. How can I fix this?

  1. Reconnect your YouTube account (found in Connections) and make sure that the box for Enable Live Annotations is checked. It is very important that your YouTube account is still connected.

  2. Start a broadcast and then stop it to reset the TLA.

Note: Disconnecting your YouTube account will not take down or stop the TLA if the broadcast is already in progress.

Q. How do I connect my YT and Twitch accounts?

If you have never connected your Twitch and YouTube account, you can do so on the Connections tab within your Twitch settings. For more information, please check out this blog post and video.

If you have already connected your YouTube and Twitch accounts, you still must opt in to Twitch Live Annotations for it work. Simply, click on the “Details” button on your YouTube Connection to check the box which reads, “Enable Live Annotation.”

Q. Do Twitch Live Annotations only work when my channel goes LIVE?

Twitch Live Annotations should display on YouTube whenever your channel is LIVE on Twitch, and a user is watching one of your videos on YouTube.

Q. Do Twitch Live Annotations show for the entire duration of when a broadcaster is live?

Yes! For the full duration that a broadcaster is live on Twitch, an annotation will appear at the start of all videos played across a broadcaster’s YouTube channel.

Q. When do the annotations appear on the YT video if my account is connected?

The Twitch Live Annotations should appear approximately 10 seconds into your video. The annotation lasts approximately 15 seconds. You can see an example here.

Q. What happens if I have annotations in the same place as the Twitch annotation?

Currently, if a video promotion overlaps with the Twitch live annotation, only the first will show. For example, if you have an existing annotation at 8 seconds that lasts more than 2 seconds, only that promotion will show (as TLAs appear at the 10 second mark). If you have a video promotion at 12 seconds only the Twitch live annotation will show.

Q. We’re currently working on a fix so that both Twitch and YouTube annotations can display one after the other.

(We know that wasn’t a question.) As of now, your previous promotions won’t get reset or overridden. In the meantime, feel free to update the timing of your current YouTube annotations via the InVideo promotion settings (this can be found under your “Channel” settings on YouTube).

Q. Can I move the Twitch Live annotation position?

Twitch Live Annotations appear at the bottom-left corner of your YouTube videos. In the future, the broadcaster may be able to set the position of where their Twitch Live Annotations appear.

Q. What do I do if I’m having problems?

If you are running into any issues with the Twitch Live Annotations, please let our Support team know so we can help you out.

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