Jun 11, 2014


Spam is bad, m’kay? We hate spam. (Well, we kinda like musubi, so maybe not spiced ham.) We’ve created a spam shield in Messages called the “Other” folder, which will have messages from users we aren’t convinced that you want to hear from. It’s not perfect, so you should still check it periodically to make sure a “good” message didn’t want you. We’ll get better at getting all of your good messages into the inbox, so thanks for your patience.

Messages will not be put into this folder from:

  • People you are following

  • Partners

  • Users that are replying to a message you have sent

  • Users who are subscribed to your channel

  • Twitch Global Moderators and Twitch Staff

Messages that are sent from users that would be sent to the “Other” folder will not trigger an email notification, which should further reduce the effectiveness from bad messages.

Edit: We’ve heard your feedback and wanted to add some clarification.

Messages that are flagged as spam are NOT deleted. They are simply filtered from your inbox and moved to the “Other” folder. You can still check the Other folder whenever you like.

This is the first version of our filtering control. We will continue to improve this with industry spam identification techniques, and will be improving the ability of users to tailor the level of access needed to send messages to them.

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