Feb 28, 2014

Some Chat Updates Now, More on the Way

As chat is undoubtedly a VERY important feature to our community, we’re working on a series of chat updates to improve server-side and client-side performance and functionality. These updates will roll out over the coming weeks.

Previously, we implemented a fix to our redis servers and networking configuration to improve performance under heavy load. In preparation for future features and improvements to chat, our team has been working hard to modernize the code under the user interface. Along the way, we’ve made some aesthetic improvements that you may notice. This particular update will release over the course of this weekend, thus you may see changes before your friends, and vice versa.

First, we implemented a temporary feed pause upon scroll. This was a top request from many of you. By simply scrolling up or down in the chat feed, you can temporarily pause the feed and review messages. Duration of pause is influenced by number of incoming messages.

Check out the updated look of the user card within chat. Simply click a username in the chat window, and voilà! #soclean

We also moved the Channel emoticons (for Subscription channels) above the chat box, so click the smiley and see what’s up. Very Lirik-al.

Last, we changed how the Viewer List window loads. By default, it now loads over the chat feed, and can be popped out if you so desire. Note the cleaner separations by status.

We have some exciting new features on the way that we can’t spill the beans on yet. In the meantime, we’ll continue to plan improvements to the backend for optimal performance while closely monitoring the service on a daily basis.

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