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Twitch is 4th in Peak US Internet Traffic

Feb 5 2014

Wow. Embedded in a Wall Street Journal article about Apple’s internet infrastructure, is an awesome infographic detailing the top 10 Web properties and their corresponding percentage of peak US internet traffic. Where does Twitch rank? 4th.

Twitch now commands 1.8% of peak US internet traffic — that’s ahead of Hulu, Facebook, Valve, and Amazon, among others.

We are working overtime to scale our infrastructure to keep pace with the growth of the community. That’s no small task. Thanks to all of you, and your voracious appetite for gaming video, we’re really playing in the big leagues, here. And we mean to step up.

In addition to many upgrades which you can read about [[here](](, here, and here, we’ve just finished expanding Chicago (ORD) POP by 400% capacity and our Ashburn (IAD) POP by 300%.

We over here on the marketing team would like to send a personal “thank you” to the engineering team for all of their hard work. We’ll continue global infrastructure improvements throughout 2014. So stay tuned and thanks again for being part of the Twitch community!

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