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Download Pac-Man Kappa Edition

Oct 7 2013

Pac-Man Fever is an illness that has baffled the medical community for generations. Every time modern medicine is about to make a significant breakthrough in curing this digital disease, it mutates into a brand-new experience. This trend continues with the release of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, and not only have we caught the bug, but we’ve introduced our own twist on the current formula.

As it turns out modifying the PC version of Championship Edition DX+ is quite easy, considering that all the graphical files are laid out in easy to understand .PNG sprite sheets. I had some spare time this weekend and so I took a crack at creating a Twitch-inspired character skin, seen in the video above. It’s extremely easy to install and the .zip file has all the necessary instructions. If you can copy, and you can paste, you can play Pac-Man Kappa Edition.

Click here to download Pac-Man Kappa Edition DX+ files

Give it a shot and be sure to stream your gameplay to Twitch. If you’re of particular talent, feel free to take the included sprite sheet and modify the maze graphics to create the ultimate Twitch Pac-Man experience. Enjoy!

[UPDATE: The party is over. Namco has issued an update that packs up all the data folders into .dat files. It’s only a matter of time until some intrepid modder finds a way to undo this, but until then, Pac-Man Kappa Edition will no longer be playable if you choose to update your game.]

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