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Announcing KappaHD for Twitch Turbo

Sep 27 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitch, the worldwide leader in E-Lectronic Sports and Cyber Athleticism, today announced the release of the KappaHD emoticon. Available today and exclusively for Twitch Turbo subscribers, KappaHD is a high-definition emoticon comprised of over 200 pixels in total and features, for the first time ever, its now legendary smugness in full-color.

“This is the genesis of all things Twitch,” said Frank R. Zakowski, Twitch VP of Interoffice Shipping and Deliverables. “All the integrations and business deals, raising new capital and greatly expanding our infrastructure, it was all for this. KappaHD will be the product Twitch hangs its hat upon. Video games: you’re welcome.”

“I don’t know why I’m talking to myself,” said Jared Rea, Twitch Community Manager. “It’s times like these that I question what went wrong with my life and when? My parents have no idea what I do for a living. My mom thinks I’m roommates with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. What do I tell them now?”

Along with launching this exciting new emoticon, Twitch also announced the release of MiniKappa (MiniK), a smaller and more portable version of the existing black and white Kappa.

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