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The 5 SaltyBet Fights That Have Us Questioning Our Lives

Aug 13 2013

SaltyBet is the talk of the Twitch community as it continues to provide us all with 24 hours of complete and utter constant nonsense. Described as “risk-free virtual cockfighting” by Shoryuken, SaltyBet allows viewers to wager fake currency on CPU controlled M.U.G.E.N fights. The cash may be fake, but the feeling of complete and utter devastation when your bet goes awry is real. Featuring characters that are as ridiculous as they are over-powered, SaltyBet can at times feel more like abstract performance art than an actual fighting game. Here are some of the SaltyBet fights that have us questioning if we’ve made the right decisions in our lives, or if this whole video games thing was just one big horrible mistake. Let’s rock, baby!

Why is TJ Combo punching a laser? And did he just turn into Johnny Cage? Did we go off our medication again?

Remember when you and your fellow nerds would argue whether Ronald McDonald could defeat Thanos? Yeah, us neither, but here it is.

You may want to turn down your speakers for this next one, and we’ll continue trying to convince our parents that yes, this IS our real job.

Did Akuma from Street Fighter just use the Death Star as a weapon? Is this real life?

NOPE. Nope, nope, nope, a hundred times, nope. We’re done.

If you’re not too spooked, tune in to SaltyBet for even more madness. And remember: Always bet on DBZ!

(Image credit: NeoGAF)

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