Mar 22, 2013

Twitch Teams Up with RAPTR

Here at Twitch we envision a future in which playing a game is the same as broadcasting one. You may have heard about in-game integrations Twitch streaming with Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Planetside 2, and EA Origin, among others. These kinds of integrations remove the hardware/software barrier to streaming your gameplay, and make it a native feature in the game itself.

Today we have some exciting news from our friends at RAPTR. They announced this morning that they’ll integrate one-click streaming directly into the RAPTR client.

Earlier this week in a VentureBeat article, RAPTR’s CEO Dennis Fong, summed up the value of streaming and the gaming community better than I could have:

“What makes Twitch community-friendly is that it is authentic, Fong said. (For a view on authenticity, see our interview with gaming academic Jesse Schell). A livestream doesn’t lie. Gamers may get tired of reviews, trailers, interviews, and staged videos that are filtered views of games. But a livestream delivers what the unfiltered gameplay looks like, albeit when it is played by some of the best gamers in the world. When you watch a livestream, you get an authentic and transparent view of how the game really plays. If you recall the sexy, beautifully illustrated covers of comic books, you probably remember the disappointment you found when you opened them up to see the lower-quality paper and hurried art on the pages in the middle. A livestream is more like showing the gamer what is behind the cover — so you know exactly what you’re paying for.”

Thank you Dennis!!!

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