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Twitch Turbo FAQ

Feb 5 2013

Our recently launched premium service, Twitch Turbo, has most definitely been the talk of the community. There have been a number of questions we’ve noticed pop-up constantly within those discussions, and we’d like to take a moment to answer them. And of course, if you have any additional questions on your mind, feel free to ask away in the comments!

Q. How exactly does this benefit my favorite broadcasters? Aren’t they losing my ad revenue when I use Turbo? When you are using Turbo and the broadcaster runs an ad, we pay them the exact same amount as if you had seen the ad. They’re not missing out on any ad revenue!

Q. I’m a JTV Pro subscriber. Does this mean I have to switch to Twitch Turbo? JTV Pro will no longer work on Twitch (and never paid the broadcasters for missed ads). You can cancel your JTV Pro subscription here:

Q. What about channels with subscriptions? How does this affect those channels? Turbo will not grant access to subscription features such as subscriber-only chat, giveaways, or emoticons. If you are both a Turbo user and a subscriber, you will not see ads, but the broadcaster will still be paid as if you had.

Q. As a Twitch Turbo user, do I gain channel subscription benefits such as HD broadcasts and subscriber-only chats? Event channels that have elected to reserve high-resolution qualities for subscribers will not be accessible to Turbo users. You’ll still have to purchase an event ticket to see the highest-quality bitrates. This does not affect the majority of individual subscriber channels that do not have restricted bitrates.

Q. Have you considered an affiliate program so that I may purchase Turbo through my favorite broadcasters? By far the most requested feedback today was a way to create a subscription/Turbo hybrid. It’s been on our minds since we kicked off this project months ago. As we continue gathering feedback and poking at the data, we’ll keep you updated on any possible developments.

Q. Is this all the features Turbo will ever have? We’re actively working on new features right now. For some, the prospect of an ad-free experience while still supporting broadcasters is more than enough. For those of you on the fence, we hope to convince you by continuing to offer more value to the product. Even if you don’t think we ever will change your mind, that’s okay too! Your non-Turbo viewer experience will stay exactly the same, and you’ll get some of the fringe benefits as we continue to invest more in our features.

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