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Install Votebot2020 today and help get out the vote

Nov 1 2020

There are lurkers waiting in the wings all over Twitch, but their voice matters. Not just on your channel, but in the election on November 3rd. Because in an election EVERY. VOTE. COUNTS. Yup, you and your community can be the ones who tip the scales. 

That’s why we’re introducing VoteBot2020, the perfect power-up to help you encourage your community make their voice heard on Election Day.   

Every 12 minutes, VoteBot2020 drops another perfectly robotic message of motivation in the chat, including lines like:

VoteBot2020 makes it super easy for you to inspire all the lurkers out there to take action, without interrupting the action on your channel. In fact, besides voting, this bot this might just be the easiest way to make a difference in this democracy. So install VoteBot2020, inspire your community to speak up in the election, and don’t lurk on democracy! Oh, and of course make sure to cast your vote too!

Installing VoteBot2020 on your Chat

1. Follow this link and authorize the VoteBot2020 app.

2. To activate VoteBot2020, go to your channel and send !callout in Chat. Only you can control this setting. Reminder, be patient, messages will appear every 12 minutes.

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