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Celebrate the first ever Music Month on Twitch

Jul 31 2020

We’re singing praises to all of our music creators this month! 

All August long we’ll be featuring talented musical streamers on the front page, so you can easily join in on all the festivities! We’ll sing, slap the bass, and rock out with some incredible streamers, so join in the fun by following our featured creators!

Date Time Streamer
8/1 8PM-10PM PST CMillerMusic
8/2 12PM-2PM PST VenusWorld
8/3 1PM-3PM PST livharris
8/4 5PM-7PM PST ResurrectionFern
8/5 11PM-1AM PST lo99official
8/6 12PM-2PM PST Tammy_BlackMedia
8/7 3PM-5PM PST Murs
8/8 11AM-1PM PST laxcitymusic
8/9 4PM-6PM PST ThatViolinChick
8/10 4PM-6PM PST 88bitmusic
8/11 7PM-9PM PST thedapperrapper
8/12 2AM-4AM PST DJCquence
8/13 7PM-9PM PST supershigi
8/14 1PM-3PM PST HermanLi
8/15 6AM-8AM PST JonathanOng
8/16 5PM-7PM PST MitchBruzzese
8/17 12PM-2PM PST RubenDeRonde
8/18 5PM-7PM PST indy
8/19 8PM-10PM PST lara6683
8/20 7PM-9PM PST veryhandsomebilly
8/21 9PM-11PM PST Sunny_BlackMedia
8/22 9AM-11AM PST Raquel
8/23 12PM-2PM PST TheGawd
8/24 2PM-4PM PST The8BitDrummer
8/25 8AM-10AM PST Sintica
8/26 7PM-9PM PST supershigi
8/27 11AM-1PM PST RessurectionFern
8/28 6PM-8PM PST gabrielanddresden
8/29 4PM-6PM PST Wavy
8/30 12PM-2PM PST TheGawd
8/31 11AM-1PM PST zanecarney

Twitch is dedicated to helping musicians grow on the platform, so we’ve created the Community Development Program for Music.  Its goal is to showcase the diverse creators on Twitch that broadcast in the Music & Performing Arts directory. 

The program will consist of six weeks of education about features, products, and best practices that will help those participating to set goals while leveling up their current broadcasts. We’re hoping to have it be a reoccurring program that continues to serve music creators from all backgrounds. 

As our Music community grows bigger every day, Twitch is excited to bring you original content geared towards celebrating the amazing musicians on our platform: 

On Friday, August 7th from 11AM-1PM PST on twitch.tv/twitch, join us for Follow Fridays: Music Edition! Designed to show love to smaller streamers, we’ll be bringing you the top clips from our favorite Music creators, with chat voting on their favorites in each category! We’ll be mixing and matching, with categories such as “Top 5 Freestyles” and “Top 5 Drum Solos” interspersed with segments highlighting some rising stars on the Twitch Music scene.  Hosted by MysterySchoolUS and a special guest, come hang out and maybe even find your future favorite Music streamer.

This August, keep an eye out for new episodes of Streamscape!  Streamscape is Twitch’s  variety show, highlighting non-gaming streamers in a playful two-hour block of “mini shows.” Our goal is to drive new followers and viewership to all our featured channels using the Dynamic Follow Button. Each creator gets a 25 minute segment to showcase their stream in between quirky commercials and a retro TV aesthetic.

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