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Introducing Collections: all your best videos in one spot

Mar 8 2017 - By Noreen T. M.

Starting today, you can now create collections that let you show off and promote your best videos on Twitch. Yay for organization!

Whether you want to showcase your many hours of creative streaming the way KayPikeFashion does with her collection of body paint timelapse videos, or you want to celebrate your community like StronkGamer by highlighting your subscriber milestones, videos organized into collections will help your viewers find all the different types of content you share on Twitch more easily.

Once you create a collection, you can easily share it with a single link, or point your viewers to the collections tab on your channel page to browse on their own. Plus the same video can be included in multiple collections, so when you’re choosing whether that pentakill video goes in your collection of League of Legends videos or the collection that shows off what an all-around badass you are, well… why not both?

Creating collections for your videos lets you share them with your viewers in the ways that represent you best.

Get started by checking out some collections!

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